2 Fun Places To Go For Escape Rooms In Middlesex County, NJ

Fun Places That You Can Visit With Your Family In Middlesex County, NJ

If you are looking for a fun place to go while you are in Middlesex County, NJ, escape room centers are the perfect place to choose as they are filled with great adventures! Since escape rooms are usually themed, they are all pretty much unique from one another, meaning one escape room experience will never be the same as another! Two fun places you can go for escape rooms in Middlesex County, NJ include. More can be found here.

  • Escape Room Center

  • All In Adventures Escape Rooms

Escape Room Center

Escape Room Center is the name of an escape room center that you can visit in Middlesex County, NJ. The escape rooms that they have at this location include Lucky Duck Speakeasy, The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar, Blackbeard’s Brig, Cypherspace, The Garage, and The Curse of the Evil Genie. Learn more about 2 Escape Room Centers That You Can Visit In Middlesex County, NJ.

All In Adventures Escape Rooms

Another escape room canter that you can visit while you are in Middlesex County, NJ is All In Adventures Escape Rooms. The rooms that you can do at this location include Treasure Island – Destination Bermuda Triangle, Black Ops – Destination Classified, Houdinis Magic Cell – Destination Budapest, Escape From Alcatraz – Destination San Francisco, Hollywood Premiere – Destination Los Angeles, Sherlock’s Library – Destination London, and Superhero’s Adventure – Destination Darkover City.

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