Are You Looking for a Sustainable Way of Landscaping?

In most parts of America, traditional landscaping is still in practice. Most of these techniques involved, such as the use of some pesticides, as well as practices such as watering have been limited by the laws. This has led to the growth of sustainable landscaping which focuses on nurturing and maintaining a healthy yard. Customs Landscaping & Lawn Care company has welcomed the idea of sustainable landscaping and offers tips on how to ensure its success. More on this is discussed below. South River, NJ information can be seen at this link.

Green Gardens

Green gardens are attractive both from indoors and outdoors in any property. The use of native plants and trees are a better way of ensuring sustainability since they have adapted to the region for generations. Drought-resistant plants are also essential in regions of low rainfalls. Invasive species of plants such as the water hyacinth are discouraged because they’ll result in an unattractive garden. Discover facts about Why You Should Go for Landscape Design.


Hardscaping involves the use of features like retaining walls, fences, and stone patios, not only for visual appeal but also for functionality. Retaining walls are used to reduce soil erosion, hold soil intact and reduce steep slopes. Fences prevent unwanted animals and pests from gaining access to your yard. When these features are constructed with natural materials, they remain sustainable on their own.

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