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At Custom Landscaping we know the landscaping business and how important first impressions can be. That is why we offer premium landscaper services, including grub and insect control, slow-release fertilizer, and weed control. Did you know that we have early and late spring treatment applications that fortify your lawn for premium growth and crabgrass control? When you are looking for a landscaping company to enhance your lawn remember Custom Landscaping.

Phalanx Landscaping Company

Many residential homes in Phalanx are satisfied customers of Custom Landscaping, the preferred landscaping company, and landscaper for the community. The unincorporated community in Monmouth County, NJ, is located near the Swimming River Reservoir. The area originated as farmland and is now primarily residential. When you need landscaping services near Phalanx, the one to choose for exceptional service and results is Custom Landscaping.

Phalanx Landscaper

Custom Landscaping’s customers know they can count on the skilled landscapers and their extensive experience. The combination of experience and long-lasting results has made Custom Landscaping the landscaping company and landscaper supply source for Phalanx. We offer free estimates for any size landscaping project. When you need weed or pest control for your lawn, the one to call is Custom Landscaping!

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