Our Mosquito Guard Program Consists of 7 monthly applications from April through September. Our program will significantly reduce the presence of mosquitoes on your property. Mosquito services are not able to control every mosquito and are meant to suppress/minimize the population throughout the yard during the season.

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Additional Pricing Examples / Approximation

$66 Treatment


$79 Treatment


$110 Per Treatment


$130 Per Treatment


$143 Per Treatment


$150 Per Treatment




“At first I was very skeptical the treatments would actually work but they do and our family is enjoying our back yard again”

“The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They answer all my questions and address all my concerns. I highly recommend them."

"The Mosquito Program is the best! I referred many of my friends and we are all thrilled with the service."

Frequently Asked Questions

Each treatment lasts approximately 21-25 days, at which time our team will be scheduled to treat your yard again.
Not generally. Mosquitoes do not usually seek shelter in the grass. The most common areas to find mosquitoes during the day include: the underside of the leaves of dense/shrubby plants, under decks and in damp shady areas of the property. We do recommend that you keep your grass maintained to a proper height of 3-4” during the mosquito season.
Our standard treatment primarily targets mosquitoes, but other insects such as fleas and gnats may be suppressed during the application.
We use synthetic pyrethroids for overall control of mosquitoes. Synthetic pyrethroids have a similar chemical structure and are used in numerous commercial products such as household insecticides, pet shampoos and sprays, and even lice shampoos. The products themselves are water-based, mixed in water and will not harm plants.
No. If your gate is unlocked and your pets are inside, our technician can treat. Your technician will leave a properly noted pesticide flag/sign and door hanger upon completion of your treatment so you will know your yard has been serviced. Information on this door hanger will include your date of service as well as any comments and helpful hints the technician may have left you.
As long as your yard has had adequate time to dry after the application of your treatment (approximately 30 minutes), rain should not impact the effectiveness of your service. However, our Guarantee ensures that if you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our mosquito treatment, we will return to your yard to re-spray your property and ensure you are mosquito-free until your next scheduled service.
Rain is not a large concern because of the residual attributes of our products. The products are designed to last, so once dry, only a fraction of the product can be physically removed other than by the natural breakdown of the product.