Snow Removal

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Commercial Snow Removal

Anyone who owns a commercial property has a responsibility to keep parking lots, sidewalks, steps/stairs, and walkways clear of ice and snow that might cause a person to be injured in a fall.

Let’s be honest nowadays anyone with a pickup truck and a plow on it considers themselves to be a professional. The truth is most are not.

Here are some reasons why we are different:

  • We are a snow management company not a snow plowing company
  • We mark all curb line and entrance ways
  • We monitor weather conditions 24 hours a day
  • When devising our snow plan we take into account sewer drain locations and the topography of the site
  • Someone will drive through your property every morning and every evening when snow is present
  • Each site will have its own dedicated site manager

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In the state of New Jersey there are millions of dollars in lawsuits caused by slip and falls due to snow and ice. Most of these lawsuits are caused by negligent contractors.

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