Lawn Sprinklers Maintenance and Repair Services in New Jersey (NJ)

Lawn Sprinklers Maintenance and Repair Services in New Jersey (NJ)

Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care staffs certified licensed irrigation technicians to perform all maintenance on your sprinkler system. We also do repairs, system upgrades an provide education to our customers on proper system usage.


Our licensed technicians will inspect your system at each visit.

Sprinkler Opening
This service includes the start up of the irrigation system allowing for proper watering to begin. Our technician will perform a full system inspection that includes a check of all sprinkler heads. Any necessary repairs will be reported.

Mid-Summer Check
Our technician will inspect your system to ensure it is operating at optimal performance; adjust the controller and other system components as necessary. The coverage of lawn, trees, shrubs and flower beds will be checked.

Backflow Test
New Jersey law mandates that backflow preventers be tested annually. Upon completing the test of your backflow, our technician will provide the documentation certifying the inspection.

Sprinkler Closing
This service includes the full winterization of the irrigation system. To prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, all water will be blown out of the system. Any necessary repairs will be reported.

Sprinkler Repair
Custom Irrigation is a fully licensed irrigation repair company. We have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair any problems with your underground sprinkler system.