Sprinkler Closing

The weather conditions each year will determine the best time to winterize your sprinkler system. Although most of the system is underground and protected until the ground freezes, external parts like the backflow preventer and blow-out port can freeze from cold overnight temperatures. You will want to keep your system running as long as possible if you have new tree or shrub plantings or have done a fall seeding. The “safe” period in our area runs between October 15 and November 30. You should winterize as soon as you are sure you no longer need continual watering.

We provide the following irrigation closing services:

  • Turn off main sprinkler valve
  • Install warning label on shut off valve
  • Activate sprinkler timer
  • Remove drain plug
  • Introduce air pressure into the sprinkler system
  • Purge all sprinkler zones with air pressure
  • Check valve operation
  • Turn off timer for the winter
  • Advise customer of any repairs needed

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