Sprinkler Closing

We provide the following irrigation closing services:

– Turn off main sprinkler valve

– Install warning label on shut off valve

– Activate sprinkler timer

– Remove drain plug

– Introduce air pressure into the sprinkler system

– Purge all sprinkler zones with air pressure

– Check valve operation

– Turn off timer for the winter

– Advise customer of any repairs needed

“Chose Custom Landscaping to mow my parents lawn as a gift. My dad says he loves it and will likely bring them back next year. Excellent customer service, reliable & clean work. Would obviously recommend.”

– Pete Z

“Frank, Frank Jr. and the staff at Custom Lawn Care are amazing at what they do. I am CONSTANTLY getting compliments on my lawn. Their work is meticulous and done with pride. I’ve been using them for 7 years and have never had a problem! Thanks Custom!!”

– Amy Dejesus

“Great experience and love working with them. Extremely personable and communication is great! I love working with them and look forward to the future!”

– Derek W

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You do not have to sign a contract with us and can cancel service at any time. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service and believe if we are able to do this we will work together for many years.
Depending on temperature and weather we will service your property one time per week for a total of 29-32 times per season.Can I choose my mow day?

Mowing schedules are predetermined, specific days cannot be chosen.

Rain is the most common cause of any delays with your mowing. We do our best to work through light to medium amounts of rain when safe depending on the upcoming forecasts. If we get behind for any reason we will always be out the following day, weather permitting. If you ever feel like your lawn is too wet to be mowed on your scheduled day, please contact us right away and we will be happy to pause your service. We do our best to make the correct decision for our clients but because of the subjectivity of this type of situation it can be hard to get right every time for every client's preferences.
We do not recommend bagging grass clippings. All grass clippings when lawns are mowed at proper height provide much needed nutrients back into your lawn and soil.
We determine what height to cut your lawn by a number of factors but most commonly it is based on the time of year. When we begin mowing your lawn in the spring, we will mow it lower. As the temperatures warm up your grass usually needs to be cut higher in order to combat the heat. During the hot summer months we mow your lawn very high allowing it to be as thick and green as possible. As the weather begins to cool down in the fall we will slowly begin to cut the lawn a little shorter each week.
Our crews are trained and encouraged to contact our office anytime damage has occurred and a customer care rep will notify you right away. In the event we are not notified by our crews please contact us immediately to let us know what happened. We have vendors and staff members on call to handle these situations right away. Please do not contact an outside vendor for the repair before contacting us.
We require credit cards as our form of payment and accept all major credit cards. We will bill your account every Monday after the prior work week has been completed to your satisfaction. This allows us to provide the best service at the most competitive price.
There are a number of ways for you to communicate any and all concerns.1. You may email our office directly at [email protected]
2. You may call or text our office at (732) 238-8330We encourage you to NOT try and communicate your needs with our staff while at your home because they often times do not have the ability to notate your account and oftentimes this will create an issue down the road, however, you are more than welcome to do so and we will always do our very best to ensure your needs are met.
Nobody has to be home when your lawn is mowed. All we need is access to all areas of your property that have grass.

All of our services are guaranteed. If you are not happy with a service performed on your property contact us right away. Depending on the need we will:1. Send a supervisor out to have a look and fix the issue. 2. Send the crew back to fix the issue. 3. Set up a meeting with a supervisor to get the issue resolved. 4. Correct the issue on the next scheduled visit. 5. Schedule a supervisor to meet the crew at your property to correct the issue.
Other than a rain delay or a very rare circumstance we should never miss a scheduled cut. In the case of a delay we will always be out the following day. If you are looking at your lawn and do not believe someone has been out please call us within 48 hours of your scheduled cut so we may investigate the issue and get it resolved immediately.
No. Treating or pulling weeds is not included with your mowing service. If you are interested in having your weeds pulled or signing up for our bed weed control program please contact our office for more details.
We do not use Saturday or Sunday as a regularly scheduled mowing days. We use Saturday and Sunday only as a makeup day in the case of weather delays we may have had throughout the week.