Sprinkler Opening

Spring start-up service begins in late March for our clients, weather permitting. Having your automatic lawn sprinkler system operating properly in the beginning of the season is essential to maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn year-round. We offer convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule so there is no more waiting around all day. Your spring start-up service begins with our professional service technicians arriving at your property as per your scheduled appointment. Our service technicians will then proceed to set up and activate your automatic lawn sprinkler system.

We provide the following spring start-up services:

  • Programming the automatic controller for proper watering operation
  • The automatic controller back-up memory battery is replaced
  • System is inspected for leaks on the inside sprinkler plumbing as well as the outside
  • Check the station valves for any malfunctions
  • Adjust all the sprinkler heads on your property for proper coverage
  • The rain-sensor setting is checked for effective operation
  • Report all the repairs to you that are deemed necessary, along with their costs
  • Discuss all the options and remedies available to you for an efficient and effective system— we make only the repairs authorized by you.
  • Present you with a detailed report concerning your automatic lawn sprinkler system, including the automatic controller settings, watering schedule, rain-
  • sensor setting, itemized repair list, and any recommendations we feel are necessary

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